No matter how or where you ride,
we have a model to make you a better rider.

When you’ve been at this for more than 50 years, you understand that one snowmobile does not fit all. That’s why each one of our eight 2010 models is designed, equipped and calibrated specifically for eight different types of riders.

Rough Trail Riding.

THE standard for handling and performance. Race-bred for dominating all trails, from tight and twisty to rough and tumble.

New for 2010: Easier steering, new front suspension calibration.

Crossover On- and Off-Trail.

MX Z-style rough trail sleds with a little more track for bridging bumps or occasional off-trail rides. New Backcountry sleds equipped for off-trail riding with Summit features.

New for 2010: Renegade Sport with 550F engine; 15-inch wide [38 cm] tracks; easier steering, new front suspension calibration.

Deep Snow, Mountain Riding.

Ultra lightweight, long tracks and powerful motors for tackling the steep and deep. Proven and developed on the hillclimb circuits.

New for 2010: Front/rear suspension handling package; taller, narrower seat.

Performance Groomed Trail Riding.

DNA of a race sled, packed with luxury features and refinement -- ride as hard or as relaxed as you want. Refined suspensions, electric start, reverse, mirrors and more.

New for 2010: GSX SE package, 550F engine choice for GSX Sport package.

Groomed Trail Riding for Two.

Go ahead, bring a friend. Comfort – for both the driver and passenger – is paramount on our Grand Touring two-up touring sleds.

New for 2010: 550F engine choice for Grand Touring Sport package.

Luxury and Capability On- and Off-Trail.

Extreme versatility, with advanced features and performance for cruising trails with a passenger, exploring off-trail or hauling supplies.

New for 2010: Incredibly equipped spring-only SE package, 1200 4-TEC engine choice.

Lightweight Sport-Utility.

Ideal as a lightweight work partner or a fun recreational sled – boondocking through the trees, hunting, or just surfing the land out back.

New for 2010: Three all-new packages, now on REV-XU platform with 550F engine.

Sport boats
Outboard Engines