There's nothing like enjoying the sheer exhilaration of a snowmobile ride in complete comfort. And there's never been anything like the new Ski-Doo® Legend* snowmobile. Combining the aggressive performance of a cross-country sled with the comfort and refined features of a touring sled, the Legend offers the ultimate riding experience. And its unique styling garners the attention and admiration of hard core racers and touring enthusiasts alike.

The Legend SE package boasts a high performance, adjust on-the-fly electronic shock system that lets you choose how you want your sled to ride - soft or sporty. The responsive acceleration will get your heart pumping, while the solid stance and convenience features inspire confidence. The result is truly the ultimate in riding pleasure.

All Legend models come loaded with electric start, exclusive Rotax® Electronic Reverse, side mirrors and a visor outlet. Finally, hand warmers, thumb warmers and a protective high windshield help keep you warm and cozy throughout each ride.

Consult Models documentation (PDF):

2002 Legend FAN
2002 Legend GS
2002 Legend SE
2002 Legend Sport


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