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Looking at the standard features list of the Ski-Doo Grand Touring SE sled is like looking at an entire catalog of luxury features. Few sleds come close to its level of comfort for the driver and passenger, especially with the rMotion rear suspension with ACS (Air Control Suspension). Even fewer can match its easy handling, smooth performance and great fit and finish.

Acclaimed the 2013 Best 2-UP Touring sled of the 2013 Buyers Guide.- American Snowmobiler, 2013 Buyers Guide

Key Features

Platform: REV-XS
Engine: ROTAX 1200 4-TEC
Color Cognac
Front Suspension: RAS 2
Front Shocks: HPG
Center Shock: HPG
Rear Suspension: rMotion with ACS (Air Control Suspension)
Rear Shock: ACS (air spring)
Skis: Pilot TS

Package Highlights

NEW Pilot TS adjustable skis

With the Pilot TS ski, you can dial-in ski bite for conditions or your riding style by turning a knob on the ski leg. It raises or lowers the ski runner over a range of .5 in. (12.5 mm). This thin runner and new square keel design work together to make darting a thing of the past.

Rotax 1200 4-TEC Engine - NOW with iTC

Rotax 1200 4-TEC Engine - NOW with iTC

The throttle-by-wire iTC adds a whole new dimension to our very well respected performance four-stroke. The inline triple with EFI delivers 130+ hp; iTC significantly increases throttle response. In addition to increased performance, it gets outstanding fuel economy, up to 19 mpg (12.3 L/100km)* in ECO mode – five percent better than the previous configuration. A new lighter weight muffler delivers a throaty performance sound.

*Data based on internal engineering trail testing on a MXZ TNT in its ECO mode.

Finger Throttle (ACE engines)

Finger Throttle (ACE engines)

The throttle block can be rotated forward for use as a finger throttle, if preferred. Great for changing hand positions on a long ride and for more control in bumps.

<font style="text-transform:lowercase;">r</font>Motion Rear Suspension

rMotion Rear Suspension

Provides more capability, more comfort and more adjustability. Separate spring and shock dynamics combine with the most rising-rate/progressive motion ratio in the industry to give the rMotion suspension a supple ride in small bumps with added capability in large ones. And there’s no need to be a suspension guru to enjoy the ride – with its broad sweet spot, you can set it up once and it will perform impressively in nearly every condition.

Air Control Suspension (ACS)

Air Control Suspension (ACS)

Driver chooses one of five preload settings for the rear air spring – on-the-fly – with just the touch of a handlebar rocker switch. Wide range of adjustment for tailoring the ride for load or trail conditions.

SilentDrive System

SilentDrive System

The SilentDrive system, with new drivers, interior track design and suspension geometry, delivers a major noise reduction of up to 65% (5 dB) at the track at cruising speeds. Plus, riders will feel 70% less vibration at their feet for a more comfortable ride. (SE and LE packages only)

RAS 2 front suspension

RAS 2 front suspension

We further sharpen the industry’s best handling snowmobiles. New geometry and lighter components increase precision, especially in extreme bumps. Sharp new styling, too. Reduces weight by 1.76 lb (0.8 kg).

Luxury Heated Seat

Luxury Heated Seat

Extremely plush and extremely versatile. Adjustable passenger backrest and handholds. Passenger seat is easily removable for one-up riding with enormous cargo space. Also accommodates 2+1 seat (sold as an accessory) for a child.

Plus, both driver and passenger choose from two heating levels to neutralize even the coldest rides.

Side Cases, Tunnel Bag

Side Cases, Tunnel Bag

Weatherproof injection molded plastic side cases easily and securely attach to the outside of the rack. Lockable with carry handle and interior elastic V-straps.

Standard hard-top weather-resistant bag adds 5.5 gal. (21 L) of storage on the tunnel. Perfectly integrated into the rack.

Multi-Function analog/digital gauge

Multi-Function analog/digital gauge

Sharply-styled analog speedometer and tachometer are complemented by a multi-function three-zone LCD screen packed with data.

Pilot 5.7 SL Skis

Pilot 5.7 SL Skis

Wide, square center keel eliminates darting and delivers just the right amount of bite.



EngineROTAX 1200 4-TEC


Vehicle overall width1217 mm / 47.9 in
Official dry weight280 kg / 617 lb
Ski stance1077 mm / 42.4 in
Track nominal width381 mm / 15 in
Track nominal length3487 mm / 137 in
Track profile height25.4 mm / 1 in Ripsaw


Drive clutch typeeDrive 2
Driven clutch typeQRS
Brake systemBrembo brake with braided stainless-steel brake line


Front SuspensionRAS 2
Front ShocksHPG
Center ShockHPG
Rear SuspensionrMotion with ACS (Air Control Suspension)
Rear ShockACS (air spring)


SkisPilot TS
Optional Adjustement Package

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