The ultimate utility sled with the comfortable and maneuverable REV-XU platform and massive 24 x 156 in. (61 x 396 cm) wide track for going nearly anywhere and pulling nearly anything. A new forward foot position for 2015 adds driver comfort.

Key Features

Platform: REV-XU
Engine: ROTAX 900 ACE
Color Yellow/Black
Front Suspension: LTS
Front Shocks: Motion Control
Center Shock: Motion Control
Rear Suspension: SC-5U
Rear Shock: HPG

Package Highlights

SC-5U Rear Suspension

Our sport-utility suspension. Refined ride both on trail and on top of powder. Articulated rail to maximize deep snow traction in reverse or locked out when towing.

REV-XU Platform

REV-XU Platform

A revolutionary platform that’s a modern combination of ruggedness and sportiness. Its light, yet strong, aluminum frame delivers exceptional handling and less rider fatigue. And its ergonomically advanced design provides more flexibility and comfort for any riding style.

LTS Front Suspension

LTS Front Suspension

Telescopic front suspension with a large, flat belly pan for exceptional deep snow flotation.

Pilot DS 2 Skis

Pilot DS 2 Skis

Single-keel with excellent sidehilling bite, thanks to thin outer edges. Narrow and thin, yet stiff. Shorter behind its complementary spindle with flat tail for easier counter-steering and sidehilling.

Synchromesh Transmission

Synchromesh Transmission

Take off from a stop smoothly, even with a heavy load, thanks to two forward and one reverse gears. Inline 2-1-N-R pattern on right side and can be safely shifted from High to Low while on the fly.

ROTAX 900 ACE Engine with iTC

ROTAX 900 ACE Engine with iTC

This inline triple four-stroke uses Rotax Advanced Combustion Technology to deliver 90 hp with excellent fuel economy (up to 23 mpg, 10 L/ 100 km)* and ultra low maintenance. The industry’s only Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) throttle-by-wire technology opens up a new world of customization and drivability options. Includes three shift-on-the-fly driving modes (Sport, Standard, ECO), Learning Key feature and optional finger throttle operation.

* Data based on internal engineering trail testing on a GSX LE in its ECO mode.

Finger Throttle (ACE engines)

Finger Throttle (ACE engines)

Throttle block can be rotated to be used as either a traditional thumb throttle or unique finger throttle.

24 x 156 x 1.25 in. Track

24 x 156 x 1.25 in. Track

The industry’s largest footprint (24 x 156 in./ 61 x 396 cm) provides unmatched traction and makes the Skandic SWT the lowest ground pressure on the market.

ROTAX 600 H.O. E-TEC Engine

ROTAX 600 H.O. E-TEC Engine

This groundbreaking, direct-injected two-stroke delivers unsurpassed oil and fuel economy, an easy start and virtually no smoke or smell – especially at start and idle. No wonder it’s the most popular engine in North America.*

- Fuel Economy: Up to 21 mpg (11.3 L/100 km)
- Oil Economy: 50% less oil than the Rotax 600 H.O. SDI

*Based on retail sales results as of January 1, 2014.



EngineROTAX 900 ACE ROTAX 600 H.O. E-TEC


Vehicle overall width1076 mm / 42.4 in 1076 mm / 42.4 in
Official dry weight315 kg / 694 lb 303 kg / 667 lb
Ski stance900 mm / 35.4 in 900 mm / 35.4 in
Track nominal width600 mm / 24 in 600 mm / 24 in
Track nominal length3968 mm / 156 in 3968 mm / 156 in
Track profile height31.8 mm / 1.25 in 31.8 mm / 1.25 in


Drive clutch typeeDrive 2 TRA III
Driven clutch typeQRS QRS
Brake systemHydraulic with braided stainless-steel brake line Hydraulic with braided stainless-steel brake line


Front SuspensionLTS LTS
Front ShocksMotion Control Motion Control
Center ShockMotion Control Motion Control
Rear SuspensionSC-5U SC-5U
Rear ShockHPG HPG


SkisPilot DS 2 with 10-inch liner Pilot DS 2 with 10-inch liner

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