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More fun with less effort. The ability to go places you never thought. Carving lines through trees your buddies have second thoughts about. It’s all yours when you reach for a 2016 Summit SP snowmobile. No matter which engine you choose, you get all the benefits of E-TEC technology and the most specialized mountain sled out there: the REV-XM.

Twenty years from now we might be saying this is the sled that changed mountain snowmobiling. - SnowGoer

Key Features

Platform: REV-XM
Engine: ROTAX 600 H.O. E-TEC
Color Lava Red/Black
Front Suspension: RAS 2
Front Shocks: HPG
Center Shock: HPG
Rear Suspension: tMotion
Rear Shock: HPG
Skis: Pilot DS 2

Package Highlights

tMotion Rear Suspension

The tMotion flexes laterally, reducing the effort to initiate a roll, due to a ball joint at the center hinge between the rear arm and drop link and split flat-tube front arms. Very progressive motion ratio makes the ride on trails even more comfortable.

REV-XM body style

REV-XM body style

Summit-specific side panels are powderdynamically designed to glide smoothly through snow in any position, easing roll-up and sidehilling.

RAS 2 front suspension

RAS 2 front suspension

We further sharpen the industry’s best handling snowmobiles. New geometry and lighter components increase precision, especially in extreme bumps. Sharp new styling, too. Reduces weight by 1.76 lb (0.8 kg).

FlexEdge Track

FlexEdge Track

By shortening the fiberglass reinforcing rods inside, the track’s edges flex when you carve the sled, making boondocking and sidehilling easier. It provides the flotation of a 16-in. (41 cm) wide track with the maneuverability of a 12-in. (30 cm) track.

REV-XM running boards

REV-XM running boards

Massive, strategically shaped openings keep the boards clear. A tall extruded edge adds stiffness and has aggressive boot grips.

REV-XM cockpit

REV-XM cockpit

We designed the cockpit around mountain riders like you: the gauge is mounted flat, switches are moved to the console, buttons are shielded from accidental activation and the grab handle is rigid and shaped to your hand. Every surface of the seat is sculpted for powder gymnastics.

Glove box

Glove box

Keep your important items within easy reach in this new 1 gal/4 L glove box. Warmed by the engine compartment, it’s a great place for spare gloves or goggles.

Pilot DS 2 Skis

Pilot DS 2 Skis

Single-keel with excellent sidehilling bite, thanks to thin outer edges. Narrow and thin, yet stiff. Shorter behind its complementary spindle with flat tail for easier counter-steering and sidehilling.

LinQ Mounting system (accessory)

LinQ Mounting system (accessory)

Our cargo attachment system is the hassle-free way to connect cargo bags or a fuel caddy to your sled in seconds.

ROTAX 800R E-TEC Engine

ROTAX 800R E-TEC Engine

This revolutionary direct-injection two-stroke allows monster power, yet smooth, linear and manageable.

And thanks to proven E-TEC technology, it has virtually no smoke or smell – especially at start and idle – and starts on the first pull, every time.

The best-selling 800cc engine in snowmobiling*.

163.9 horsepower**
Up to 19 mpg (12.3 L/100 km)***

*Based on retail sale results as of December 31, 2014.
** Result based on independent third-party dyno test.
*** Data based on internal engineering trail testing on a MXZ.

ROTAX 600 H.O. E-TEC Engine

ROTAX 600 H.O. E-TEC Engine

This groundbreaking, direct-injected two-stroke delivers unsurpassed oil and fuel economy, an easy start and virtually no smoke or smell – especially at start and idle. No wonder it’s the best-selling 600cc engine in snowmobiling.*

- Up to 21 mpg (11.3 L/100 km) trail fuel economy**
- 120 horsepower

*Based on retail sale results as of December 31, 2014.
**Data based on internal engineering trail testing on a MXZ





Vehicle overall width1081 mm to 1126 mm / 42.6 to 44.3 in 1081 mm to 1126 mm / 42.6 to 44.3 in
Official dry weight206 kg / 454 lb (146 in) 208 kg / 459 lb (146 in)
Ski stance907 mm or 950 mm / 35.7 in or 37.4 in 907 mm or 950 mm / 35.7 in or 37.4 in
Track nominal width406 mm / 16 in 406 mm / 16 in
Track nominal length3705 mm / 146 in
3923 mm / 154 in
3705 mm / 146 in
3923 mm / 154 in
4141 mm / 163 po
Track profile height63.5 mm / 2.5 in PowderMax 2 FlexEdge 63.5 mm / 2.5 in PowderMax 2 FlexEdge


Drive clutch typeTRA III TRA VII
Driven clutch typeQRS QRS
Brake systemBrembo racing brake with braided stainless-steel brake line Brembo racing brake with braided stainless-steel brake line


Front SuspensionRAS 2 RAS 2
Front ShocksHPG HPG
Center ShockHPG HPG
Rear SuspensiontMotion tMotion
Rear ShockHPG HPG


SkisPilot DS 2 Pilot DS 2
Optional Adjustement Package

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