BRP Products


The next generation of REV styling is aggressive and modern, as well as specialized for trail riding.

Its “layered floating edge” design style uses origami-like surfaces to make the sled appear lightweight and compact. Side panel edges are more angled for getting farther off the side of the sled in aggressive cornering and wind protection is increased.

Other features include a glove box under the windshield, LED taillight and redesigned snow flap.

A variation of this platform, the REV-XS RS based on the race sled - is used on the MXZ X-RS model. It features reinforced front shock towers and wide running boards to take all the abuse you and the trails can dish out.


The REV-XM platform variation is designed to make mountain riding easier for all levels of riders.

Everything the driver interacts with is designed specifically for mountain riding, such its more forward foot position, running board openings, flat-mount gauges, and minimal seat.

The side panels are even specifically designed for easily sliding through powder.

A variation of the REV-XM - the RS, has been created for our extreme mountain sled, the Freeride. It has wide, strong running boards with large snow evacuation holes, plus chassis reinforcements in critical areas.


BRP designers tightly wrapped the mechanical package with sharply intersecting planes, a style called “facetised” design.

This gives sleds with the REV-XP body style a compact, aggressive and lightweight look.


The REV-XU is specialized for utility applications, especially to accommodate larger tracks and for deep snow flotation.

Three variations of the REV-XU are further specialized for the diverse work-snowmobile world:

The REV-XU Tundra variation has a LTS telescopic front suspension and styled to be more sporty as a light utility vehicle.

The Expedition REV-XU variation has a rugged sporty style and a trail-cornering-oriented dual A-arm front suspension to meet its role as a touring utility vehicle.

With a wide tunnel to accommodate tracks as broad as 24 in. (61 cm) and a deep-snow specialized LTS front suspension, the Skandic REV-XU is the most work-specific variation.