When do snowmobile trails open?

Every state and province has specific start and end dates of legal snowmobiling for their area. The western mountain areas can be as early as October, but for trail riders this generally varies from December 1st to later in December, as many trails cross private land and require other users to be done with their activities (logging, deer hunting, etc).

Of course, snowmobile trails require sufficient cold weather to freeze the ground and surface water, and they need adequate snow depth before they are safe to use. Once these conditions are present, the local clubs are able to go out and officially open the trail after clearing them of hazards, opening gates on private land and making sure the trail path is safe for use. Trails should only be used after deemed officially open and safe for operation. This information is posted on websites, social media pages and often times in the user groups for each area.

Do not be discouraged if the snow might not look pristine when next to a road or in a town. Once you get into the forest and away from it all, the snow is almost always more plentiful and in far better condition. Road crossings and high traffic areas may show signs of what is called “snirt”, where some dirt mixes in with the snow. High traffic areas like gas stations, trail heads and services (food, lodging) are often in less than ideal condition due to the concentrated traffic, but once away from these areas the conditions rapidly improve.

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