How do I transport a snowmobile?

While a lot of snowmobilers are able to ride their vehicle directly from their home, many must transport their vehicle to another location. There are 4 main ways to transport a snowmobile, here they are:

1. In the bed of a pickup truck

With just a pickup truck, you can fairly easily load, drive, and unload your snowmobile.

2. In a sled deck in a pickup truck

Just as easy to load, this option also allows you to transport up to 2 snowmobiles at the same time.

3.In an enclosed trailer

This is the easiest method to transport a snowmobile. Enclosed trailers can also be used to house your sled while you work on it, transport other machines, or even serve as a dressing room for you to gear up before a ride.

4. In an open trailer

This option is less expensive than a enclosed version, and allows you to haul multiple snowmobiles with similar ease of loading and unloading.

There are also helpful accessories to help with transportation. Ski-doo's Heavy-Duty Ratchet Tie-Downs can be used to secure the rear of the sled, or the sled in a pick-up box. One of our "ROC" ride-on-covers allows you to load and unload the machine with the cover installed to protect the hood and internals from the elements. Ski glides and traction pads can make the process of loading and unloading easier and reduce damage to the deck and ramp surfaces. All of these handy accessories for trailering can be found in the ski-doo accessory catalog, from your local ski-doo dealer or here at the ski-doo website.

Upon arriving at your destination, the sled can unloaded by removing the locking device on the skis, releasing the parking brake, and driving the machine off the trailer. Some trailers allow you to drive forward off the deck, some like a tilt trailer will require you to drive or slide the machine off the back of the trailer. The process of loading and unloading sleds is quite easy and becomes second nature, typically only requiring a few minutes per machine.

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