Hometown : Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Current sleds : Expedition SE 900 Turbo 1.8 track

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I love the outdoors, and that includes snow of course. Nothing beats riding into the wilderness and enjoying the cold harsh beauty that Mother Nature creates. There's something about riding into the forest, breaking trails and having nature all around you. Stopping for a break and a Grey Jay joining in on the fun to share your food, that, along with blue skies and snow sparkling like diamonds in the sun is why I love Ski-Dooing.

I live in Labrador City. With 294,330 square km of wilderness I can ride from my doorstep to anywhere I can imagine. We have over 500 km of groomed trails thanks to our local White Wolf Snowmobile Club, and endless lake systems. I enjoy going off the beaten path and breaking trails into the forest, sometimes with no destination in mind. The Skandic SWT is the only capable snowmobile for doing such things. 

The Winters in Labrador are long ... very long, and often bone chilling cold with wind chill dipping below 50c. To stay warm, I wear base layers and Ski-Doo gear during the winter. However, as the temperatures drop I wear Canada goose gear for those long journeys into the wilderness. A full-face helmet is a must with a heated visor and balaclava. Extra gloves and socks are a must have in case you get wet. 

Cargo Box (75-Liter), Handlebar Muffs, Heavy Duty Front Bumper with 2-in. Receiver, Heavy Duty Rear Bumper, 2-in. Receiver for Heavy Duty Rear Bumper, Full Body Skid-Plate, Heated Visor Kit, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tongue Hitch, 12V Power Outlet, Dashboard Bag, Gun Boot.

Ram Mount System, Garmin GPS276CX, Delorme Inreach Explorer, Hella LED Lights, Winch, Fiskars Axe & Axe Mate, Cable & Rail Scratchers.

Normal Job
I work in an open pit iron ore mine for Orica Canada Inc. Here in Labrador City, the Iron Ore Company of Canada is the leading Canadian producer of iron ore. I'm responsible for delivering the explosives to the mine which turns solid iron ore into fragmentation with a little help from me of course.

Most fun on a sled ever
I enjoy every day riding, whether it's on the groomed trails with my family or off the trail backcountry excursions. But what I enjoy the most is planning and prepping for a trip and travelling hundreds of kilometers into the wilderness with nothing but the necessities and your Ski-Doo. 

Get out there and explore!