Snowmobiling isn’t just about squeezing the throttle – it’s about the moments and memories created with each other that bring us together as families and friends. When we share our passion for winter adventure, it unites us as an entire community. The Ski-Doo Generations Series uncovers how our riders are passing on their passion for winter adventure to the next generation.

  • The Oleson Family

    The Oleson Family

    When Troy Oleson was a boy, snowmobiling was love at first Ski-Doo ride. A generation later, it’s a passion he gets to share with his kids.
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  • The Jenkins Family

    The Jenkins Family

    Tony Jenkins believes snowmobiling is in your blood, which has made passing down his family tradition to his kids a natural fit.
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  • Sara Dufour

    Sara Dufour

    Singer-songwriter Sara Dufour has two passions: music and snowmobiling. She’s designed her life in a way that they often intersect with one another.
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  • Jeremy & Lena Mercier

    Jeremy & Lena Mercier

    When passion runs deep you can’t help but pass it on. Jeremy Mercier grew up sledding with his family and now he’s excited to give his daughter the same gift.
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  • Megan & Patrick Brodeur

    Megan & Patrick Brodeur

    When Megan Brodeur’s father passed down his love for sledding he couldn’t have known it would create a world champion, but he was willing to give up everything to fuel his daughter’s passion.
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  • Carl, Shelley & Carver Kuster

    Carl, Shelley & Carver Kuster

    Three generations. One passion. For Carl, Shelley and Carver Kuster, the Feeling doesn’t just run in the family—it’s a way of life.
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Take the Pledge and Preserve the Ride for the future

Join us in taking The Pledge to ride safely and respect the boundaries of the trails and winter playgrounds, and keep the ride going strong for our future riders.