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Ride How you Want

Freedom to Choose

Our team focused intensely on enabling you to more precisely control the sled, but also to ride it in different ways. There's a lot more room to move on the REV Gen4 with the narrow design – both side-to-side and front-to-back – that some describe it like riding a motorcycle. With so much room to move, you'll easily find a riding style that works for you on the trails or in the powder.

Incredible Response

Instantly Reacts to Rider Input

Designing the REV Gen4 powerpack very narrow centralizes the sleds’ greatest mass, making them incredibly responsive to your input – whether it’s on a tight trail corner or a technical deep snow carve. We also centered the powerpack laterally in the chassis – the first time a sled maker has done so – so it feels the same whether you're turning left as right.

You Dream it. We Build it.

Your Sled. Your Way.