Ski-Doo Open House 2017 Schedule

    All across North America, Ski-Doo dealers are hosting fantastic open house events with food, games, giveaways, kids’ events, product specials and demos, and much more! It’s the best place to share sled stories with great friends and find great deals on sleds, riding gear, and the accessories you need to make the coming winter one you’ll never forget!

    Finding the details of a dealer open house event near you is easy. Look through our open house listings below to find the open house nearest you, and visit that dealer’s website or call them for more information. And if you can’t make an open house event, don’t forget you can always find us at a snow show near you as well!

    Ski-Doo Holiday Gift List

    The Holidays are here, and we’ve got the perfect gifts for you and your Ski-Doo crew to take this riding season from good to legendary! From accessories, to casual wear, jackets, to bags that can carry it all, we’ve got every snowmobiler on your “nice” list covered from helmet to toe hold!

    Inside Look: Ski-Doo Snowmobile Tech Training

    Today’s snowmobiles are more advanced than ever. That comes with a ton of upside like durability, performance, fuel and oil economy, and reduced emissions. Indeed, they’ve come a long way from single-cylinder, carbureted power plants spewing exhaust right under your nose to the lean and clean 4-stroke and E-TEC injected 2-stroke engines and sophisticated chassis we enjoy today, but they are increasingly complicated for self-taught, trailside mechanics to service.

    Snowmobile Wrap Install Tips from SCS Wraps

    Your sled is an extension of your personality. That’s why Ski-Doo teamed up with SCS Unlimited to offer you unlimited creativity when it comes to personalizing your ride with a wrap. For a first-timer, wraps can look complex and intimidating to install. Now, some people are just gifted with a steady hand and a sharp eye. Some of us probably shouldn’t be left alone with a butter knife! Regardless of your experience installing a sled wrap, or where your dexterity registers, we’ve got tips from the fine folks over at SCS Unlimited to help make installation of your new snowmobile wrap easy.

    Favorite Snowmobile Riding Locations

    The favorite riding locations of Ski-Doo Backcountry Experts are some of the sport’s best kept secrets. If you meet them at a show and ask where they like to ride, you’ll get the standard, “Wherever it dumped yesterday,” answer.

    If you happen to find yourself along for a ride with them, you can be assured measured efforts will be made to disorient you just enough, so you can’t find your way back to their cherished honey holes with a dozen of your closest riding buddies the next day. After all, those secret riding spots aren’t very secret if everyone knows about them!

    Without getting too specific, here are six riding destinations that are guaranteed to come up in any conversation about the best places to ride with any Ski-Doo Backcountry Expert. Each one worthy of its own place on any snowmobile bucket list!