Get avy savvy! Avalanche gear and training 101

    Dave Norona | On 29, Oct 2018

    It’s a fresh season with new dreams and goals. However, before heading deep into the backcountry, it’s time to arm yourself with information about avalanche gear and training! Now is also the best time to test out all your gear, and make sure that you and your riding buddies are all on the same page with regards to skills and best practices this winter!

    What to Pack for the Backcountry


    This video covers that "What-If" scenario no one wants to think about. Ski-Doo Backcountry Expert Rob Alford shows you what he carries with him on every ride into the backcountry to make sure he gets back in one piece.

    Mountain Riding Tip – Getting Unstuck


    Snow Report - November 2, 2018

    The snow is finally beginning to tease us in the Jackson, Wyo. area. Cool weather is starting to become the norm with at least a chance of mixed precipitation almost daily. Won’t be long! – Jay Mentaberry, Ski-Doo Backcountry Expert

    Check snow depth in Western U.S.

    Check snow depth in Western Canada

    7 Tips for Selling Your Sled Fast

    It’s finally time to pull the trigger on a new snowmobile… Well, maybe right after you sell your current sled. Lucky for you, the used sled market is usually hopping in the fall. Your target market is snowmobilers after all – and we’re head over heels for any forecast into the distant future promising copious amounts of snow to come.