VIP Snowmobile Delivery

    Carl is longtime Ski-Doo rider with a passion for exploring the backcountry who just bought a brand new 2020 Ski-Doo Summit X with Expert Package. We thought we'd give him a little something extra to talk about with his riding crew this season. You never know who might be next!

    Early Season Snowmobile Tips

    Getting out on the snowmobile in October or November is something we all dream about. Ski-Doo Brand Ambassador Jeremy Mercier is usually lucky enough to call that dream a reality most season. Living at high elevation in the mountains of Colorado means the snow comes early – really early! But those early season rides don’t happen by accident! Here are his tips to catch that early POW.

    How to prepare your used mountain sled for winter

    From Backcountry Expert Bret Rasmussen


    Getting your snowmobile ready for the season is an important part of any rider’s pre-season regimen. For some of us, it evens borders on a religious experience. With visions of deep snow and epic mountain views in the near future, it’s time to get your sled ready to ride! Watch as Bret Rasmussen of Ride Rasmussen Style walks you through his essential pre-season checklist for your mountain snowmobile.
    How to prepare your new mountain sled for winter

    From Backcountry Expert Bret Rasmussen


    Your new snowmobile is finally here, and you’ve posted it all over social media to prove it! We know you’re proud of it, but before you hit the snow, there’s a few things you may want to adjust or know how to do before you hit the snow. Ski-Doo Brand Ambassador Bret Rasmussen walks you through his checklist of the must-knows before that first ride.

    How to prepare your sled for winter

    From Backcountry Expert Jeremy Mercier

    The air is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, and you are pacing around the house driving your wife crazy. So, get that sled out of storage and give it some love before the snow flies. Here’s my check list for getting your sled ready for a new season of “That Ski-Doo Feeling!”