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When talk a lot about how the right accessories can take your Ski-Doo sled to the next level. Yes, it’s items designed with the sled for a perfect fit and the same quality standards.  But we are also offering items that add additional functionality and a unique look to the vehicle, too. Take a look at two stages of a Renegade. With just a few accessories, you can have one sled that’s a sporty one-up mogul eating monster and ready to take a passenger to enjoy winter with you in seconds. 


So first, we took the stock sled up a notch for trail and off-trail riding. The bumper adds protection and a rugged look. And with the adjustable riser, it’s easy to get the right fit for both sitting and standing.

Next, we turned our Renegade into an all-day two-up touring machine (it’s the same length as our Grand Touring sleds!). The 1+1 seat and backrest install in just seconds, as does the higher windshield for warmth. Carry along lunch in the LinQ bag and light the way home with the auxiliary LED light.

1. Glovebox Extension & Montana GPS
2. Adjustable Riser for Straight Handlebar
3. XC Bumper
4. Ultra High Windshield
5. LinQ 1+1 Complete Seat System
6. LinQ Premium Tunnel Bag
7. Auxiliary LED Light