What’s in a Name: MXZ TNT

    1977 Ski-Doo MXZ TNT

    The letters MXZ and TNT are well respected symbols of success and pride for Ski-Doo snowmobiles. Almost any snowmobiler will tell you those letters are legendary. But why? The history of how we got to the MXZ TNT snowmobile name is a little muddled, but read on to learn how Ski-Doo history has shaped the names of our high-performance trail snowmobiles.

    Ski-Doo Design: An Inside Look

    What does the future of snowmobiling look like? Few people understand it as well as those working inside BRP’s Design and Innovation Center in Valcourt, Quebec. And an invitation through the multiple locked doors guarding those secrets is about as frequent as a confirmed Big Foot sighting. When Backcountry Expert Tony Jenkins had the chance to get an inside look, we had to bring you along. 

    Ski-Doo's Tony Jenkins' Epic Iceland Adventure


    Few things in life have the power to connect us like snowmobiles. Ski-Doo Backcountry Expert Tony Jenkins’ story is a prime example of how a shared passion for sleds can unite us – even when we’re half a world apart.

    Snowmobile Moms - Thank you

    We owe a lot to our moms. Especially our Snowmobile Moms! If you’re reading this, chances are pretty good your mom is a Snowmobile Mom. They’ve bundled us up, buckled our helmets, and let you ride, “Just a little bit longer,” even on school nights. And for that, we’re all very thankful. Happy Mother’s Day from our extended Ski-Doo family to all the Snowmobile Moms out there!

    New Era of Protection


    Ski-Doo M-FORGE Composite Snowmobile Helmets

    The world of snowmobile helmets changes rapidly, almost as fast as the snowmobiles and riders they’re built for. In the past year alone, Ski-Doo has introduced two new Rotax snowmobile engines (600R E-TEC and 900 ACE Turbo), and also announced two new snowmobile helmets. The later incorporating new M-FORGE Composite technology, improved user comfort and functionality never seen in the snowmobile world with the OXYGEN and XP-X snowmobile helmets.