Ski-Doo's Tony Jenkins' Epic Iceland Adventure


    Few things in life have the power to connect us like snowmobiles. Ski-Doo Backcountry Expert Tony Jenkins’ story is a prime example of how a shared passion for sleds can unite us – even when we’re half a world apart.

    Snowmobile Moms - Thank you

    We owe a lot to our moms. Especially our Snowmobile Moms! If you’re reading this, chances are pretty good your mom is a Snowmobile Mom. They’ve bundled us up, buckled our helmets, and let you ride, “Just a little bit longer,” even on school nights. And for that, we’re all very thankful. Happy Mother’s Day from our extended Ski-Doo family to all the Snowmobile Moms out there!

    New Era of Protection


    Ski-Doo M-FORGE Composite Snowmobile Helmets

    The world of snowmobile helmets changes rapidly, almost as fast as the snowmobiles and riders they’re built for. In the past year alone, Ski-Doo has introduced two new Rotax snowmobile engines (600R E-TEC and 900 ACE Turbo), and also announced two new snowmobile helmets. The later incorporating new M-FORGE Composite technology, improved user comfort and functionality never seen in the snowmobile world with the OXYGEN and XP-X snowmobile helmets.

    Summer Snowmobile Storage Tips

    Storing your Ski-Doo snowmobile for the summer is often a sad day for snowmobilers but taking the right steps in spring can make all the difference once the snow starts to fall next season. Here are a few summer snowmobile storage tips, tricks and product recommendations from a crew who have stored more snowmobiles than most of us will in a lifetime – Carl Kuster and his staff at Carl Kuster Mountain Park

    OXYGEN Snowmobile Helmet Conquers the Ultimate Test

    Few products on the market are tested in the hands of consumers the way BRP’s advanced OXYGEN Snowmobile Helmet has been. Even fewer are tested with what Mike Pye put his OXYGEN Helmet through just a couple weeks ago. One of snowmobiling’s ultimate tests of durability – Cain’s Quest endurance race!