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The all new 2018 Ski-Doo MXZx 600RS E-TEC – race sleds redefined

REV Gen4 Platform

o   Agile and responsive
o   Freedom of movement

Rotax 600RS E-TEC

o   E-TEC power
o   Instantaneous response
o   Durable Design

No more tuning carburetors – E-TEC adjusts automatically for altitude and temperature

Introducing the completely redesigned 2018 Ski-Doo MXZx 600RS E-TEC racing snowmobile. The same benefits of agile and responsive handling shared with all the REV Gen4 sleds are now available to terrain racers. Mass is centralized making it easier to change direction, more responsive and rider ergonomics are opened up for freedom to choose how you ride.

RAS 3 Front Suspension

The RAS 3 front suspension provides ultra precise handling in the roughest conditions.

o   New longer KYB Pro 40R Shocks
o   Taller Spindles
o   Rack steering with power assist

Pilot R2 Ski

The new lightweight Pilot R2 ski raises the bar for precise control in rough terrain. These were race tested through all of last season by X-Teamers Tim Tremblay and Lincoln Lemieux.

o   Aggressive, deep keel
o   Rigid design for less flex
o   Handle meets race regulations

Racing rMotion Rear Suspension

The legendary rMotion rear suspension handles even the biggest snocross bumps and jumps – it gets even better for 2018.

o   NEW 46mm KYB Pro series center shock
o   NEW calibration and motion ratio for rear KYB Pro 40 shock
o   Lighter weight components

Tilt Tunnel Design

Keeps center of gravity (CG) low and makes room for those hard tail landings.

o   Short heat exchanger for less weight
o   Rear section replaceable for those racing “incidents”
o   Plenty of protection for studding too

Small Fuel Tank

Five-gallon fuel tank for snocross racing.

o   Keeps weight lower
o   Optimized for 100 octane fuel premixed with XPS X2-RS 


MX (motocross) Inspired Seat

Low and narrow at the front for cornering, higher at the back for bump positioning.

o   The right size for extremely active riders
o   Good grip
o   Lightweight

Racing Footholds

Every rider has their preference on how a sled should fit them. These footholds have proven a popular starting point for many snocrossers who then modify for their style.

o   Sturdy design
o   Easily removable

Rotax 600RS E-TEC Engine

This is the one that will establish new standards for special purpose racing engines. High horsepower with instantaneous response and clean running at any throttle position – E-TEC has arrived on the race track!

o   No tuning, no adjusting no matter the altitude or temperature.
o   NEW piston – 599.4 cc
o   NEW Monoblock cylinder design with Plasma coating 
o   E-TEC direct injection
o   Intake booster injectors (850 technology)
o   Shorter intake length (850 technology)
o   Double reed valve design (850 technology)
o   eRave (850 Technology)

Lightweight Exhaust System

Completely new from Y pipe to muffler.

o   Free flowing
o   Lightweight

pDrive Primary Clutch

o   Quick reacting low inertia design   
o   Friction free rollers for fast shifting
o   Shaft on Shaft design for long life
o   Tight tolerances for consistent performance

TEAM TSS-04 Secondary Clutch

All the racers can relax – yes you can still use all the tuning parts from previous years.

o   Efficient
o   Ease of maintenance
o   Large selection of helixes
o   New belt for better performance + reliability
o   New CVT Cover for lower temperature

Brembo Brake

Good news for racers that come into a corner a little too hot with all that extra power – more stopping power and longer life.

o   NEW four-piston caliper
o   NEW stainless steel rotor (low maintenance - durability)




2018 MXZx 600RS Highlights

- REV Gen4 Platform 
    o   Reinforced E and S modules
    o   NEW Taper/tilt tunnel
    o   Short heat exchanger (Replaceable rear part of the tunnel)
    o   NEW MX inspired seat
    o   NEW Racing foot box
    o   5-gallon fuel tank

- RAS 3 Front Suspension
    o   NEW longer KYB Pro 40 R Shocks
    o   Rack steering with power assist
    o   NEW Taller spindle
    o   NEW light weight Pilot R2 Ski

- Racing rMotion Rear Suspension
    o   Lighter components
    o   NEW 46mm KYB Pro series center shock (piggyback with comp. adjustment)
    o   NEW rear shock calibration and motion ratio

- Rotax 600RS E-TEC Engine  (599.4 cc)
    o   E-TEC direct injection - No tuning or adjusting needed
    o   Intake booster injectors (850)
    o   Shorter intake length (850)
    o   Double reed valves (850)
    o   NEW mono block cylinder design with Plasma coating
    o   NEW Piston (larger bore)
    o   eRAVE (850)
    o   NEW lightweight exhaust system

- Drivetrain
    o   pDrive primary clutch
    o   TEAM TSS-04 secondary clutch
    o   NEW slip gear and final drive ratio (51t – 22t)
    o   RS drive axle
    o   NEW Belt

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