Deep Snow Snowmobiles

There's more to discover this winter

Fuel Your Passion

Built to make every ride in the deep snow more incredible than the last. Whether climbing steep chutes, carving up bowls of powder, or snaking through tree lines our deep snow sleds respond instantly and ride effortlessly.

2023 Summit

Ultimate response in winter's deepest snow

Yours for the Taking

Summit sleds are designed to take on the most technical terrain. Extremely agile and effortless to ride, they hit the sweet spot for deep-snow capability for a wide range of riders and abilities.

2023 Summit Neo

Giving wings to riders of every size and ability

Prepare for takeoff

A full-size fun factor from a mid-size sled. Summit Neo offers a fully loaded deep-snow riding experience ideal for beginners, smaller riders or anyone looking for a less intimidating, affordable ride.

2023 Freeride

Leave boundaries in your snowdust

Who needs limits?

Freeride snowmobiles are revered for delivering extreme capability, extraordinary power and stand out style all their own to the most demanding terrain - just like those who aspire to ride them.

Deep Snow Accessories & Apparel

BC Riding Gear Series

Tested and proven in the deepest powder

The new Ski-Doo BC riding gear collection delivers the all-day comfort and rugged durability the most demanding riders crave.

Pyra Helmet

Protect your most valuable asset

Lighter on your head and on your wallet. Advanced lightweight protection with stunning style at a highly affordable price.

Discover Your Perfect Fit

We've got the tools to help you find the deep snow sled of your dreams