Where will you find it?

Some discover it thousands of feet in the air. And others down a tight, winding trail. But, the best place to find it? Anywhere your fellow riders are. Because it’s a feeling meant to be shared. That Ski-Doo Feeling.

Meet our Team

Ski-Doo Ambassadors Live That Ski-Doo Feeling Like No Other

These are the people who worship winter like no other. Their adventures inspire, their passion consumes and, most of all, they share That Ski-Doo Feeling far and wide.

Word on the Snow

Conquer All

One Team. One Goal. Dominate.

Challengers Welcome

From dominating snocross tracks around the globe to conquering the toughest hillclimbs to the world's most demanding endurance races, Ski-Doo racers have overcome them all.