LinQ System

Instant connection for your stuff

Fast. Easy. Secure.

LinQ System

Our exclusive cargo attachment system is the best way to carry items on your sled's tunnel, such as cargo bags, fuel caddies, even a snowboard or skis. It takes just seconds and is totally secure – in fact, it was designed to hold strong up to 4 Gs of force.

LinQ it up and go

Now more than 200 configurations
Ski-Doo's LinQ accessory system easily and securely attaches to your Ski-Doo snowmobile for a stylish,
fully integrated solution to your cargo needs.

LinQ Lock

Secure Your LinQ Accessories

The new LinQ Lock ensures your LinQ accessories won't grow legs of their own while waiting outside your favorite trail side stop.

LinQ Pro Trail Bag

30L of Waterproof Storage

Expandable waterproof storage built to last. Lightweight and brightly colored inside to make searching for small items easy. Features quick access pocket and map holder.

LinQ Every Ride

LinQ Universal Rack

The LinQ Universal Rack lets riders of virtually any snowmobile take full advantage the sport's most innovative accessory lineup, and adds the possibility of carrying more storage solutions to suit your needs.

LinQ sleigh

You've got room

The debate on what you can take with you ends with the LinQ Sleigh. With 485 L of cargo capacity, plus multiple LinQ accessory mounting points inside and out, it's the most versatile cargo accessory the industry has ever seen.

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