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Ends April 14th, 2019


  • Quickly change your wind protection with the flip of a lever.
  • Adjustable range of 4" (10 cm) anywhere from medium to high position, 19" (48.5 cm) to 23" (58.5 cm).
  • Compatible with Glovebox Extension (860201249).
  • Side deflectors and windshield support not included.
  • Handguards need to be removed if the windshield is installed on X-RS models.


REV Gen4

For all compatibility options, refer to the Fit Guide: View Fit Guide

*WARNING: Depending on your vehicle configuration, you may need corresponding windshield base kit and side deflectors to install this windshield. Ask your dealer for details. Note: When installing the windshield and/or windshield side deflectors on your vehicle, please make sure it does not - in any position - interfere with the operation of the steering and controls.