What should I never leave home without when riding backcountry?

Depending on if you're going for a short ride or a day-long trip, the items you will bring with you will vary. We asked Stefanie Dean for her top 5 essentials for every backcountry snowmobiling ride.

2. Extra Gloves

We recommend storing them in a plastic bag to keep humidity out.

4. Lighter and Starter Kit

In case you find yourself in need of a heat source. Learning fire starting skills can be helpful, as can basic survival skills. Most riders never need to use these items or skills, but knowing what to do in case of emergency is always sage advice.

For longer day trips, your experience can be greatly enhanced with some select comforts of home. Riders often pack a Thermos bottle with coffee or hot soup along with cups to have a refreshing meal or warm-up with the hot liquid in their belly. Sandwiches are a perfect addition, and can be dipped into the hot cup of soup for added fun. You will soon learn the stops along the trail can be just as fun as the actual riding itself, where you can share stories of your adventure with your riding crew.

Be safe and enjoy your ride in the backcountry!

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