What do you wear when trail snowmobiling?

The exact type of clothing you wear is also dependent on the type of riding you will be enjoying. There are three basic categories of Ski-Doo riding apparel; deep snow, trail active, trail passive.

Riders use the layering technique where a thin base layer is worn next to the skin to wick any perspiration away from the skin, followed by a thicker insulating layer to create an airspace to keep you warm, and finally an outer shell to block the wind and provide added insulation. Base layers are generally a thin, wicking polyester or merino wool. Insulating mid layers are generally fleece or thicker merino wool. Outer shells are typically a textile jacket with a windproof and membrane. This three-layer technique is proven to not only keep you dry and comfortable, but also allows you the flexibility to remain comfortable through a wide range of riding conditions. Learn more about layering to stay warm and comfortable while riding your new Ski-Doo.

Riders should always check the weather forecast for the day and adjust clothing and route for the greatest enjoyment. Days that are windy or colder are best enjoyed on winding trails that create a more active riding style to keep the rider comfortable and warm. Smoother trails are colder than rougher or bumpy ones.

If you are unsure of have more questions, your local Ski-Doo dealer can help you select the right gear for your location and riding type.


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  • What should I never leave home without when trail riding?

    What should I never leave home without when trail riding?

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