How Do I Use the BRP GO! App?

The recently updated BRP GO! app boosts your riding experience to entirely new snowmobiling possibilities when it comes to exploring new areas, riding with friends, tracking rides, and navigating the trails. The latest refresh of the BRP GO! app has created a one-of-a-kind user-friendly experience to enhance your rides at every turn. Below, we’ll explore some of the updated features the latest version offers.

Vehicle Connectivity

One of the biggest enhancements of the BRP GO! app is the ease of use when it comes to vehicle connectivity. BRP GO! now contains the connective technology of the BRP Connect app, so there is no longer a need to work between both apps when connecting to your snowmobile. Additionally, after initial paring of the device and sled, your sled’s display will automatically recognize your unlocked device and automatically connect with your device, so there’s no need to repeat the setup process.

An all-new vehicle connection guide will help you seamlessly connect your device to your vehicle equipped with the 7.8-inch-wide display and control your favorite apps from the controls of your sled and mirror your BRP GO! app info from your phone directly to your sled’s display.

Snowmobile Trail Navigation

After you’ve downloaded and created your user profile, you’re ready to begin exploring with the BRP GO! app. Simply select the “snow” playground from the menu, and you’ll enter a virtual world of snowmobile trails, fuel stops, sled-friendly lodging and trailside pitstops.

You can browse from the map view or use the search function to quickly identify the type of point of interest you’re looking for and see its approximate distance from your current location.

Connect with Your Friends

The people we ride with are what make snowmobiling great and the rides so memorable. BRP GO! allows you to invite your friends to join the ride. Just send your friends an invite in the app and you can organize a snowmobile group ride with a new itinerary, take them on a previously saved ride, or find the perfect spot to meet up on the trail. Upon accepting your invite and creating their own BRP GO! account, you’ll be able to track each other along the way and on any other rides you choose together.

Off-Line Navigation

BRP GO! allows you plan the ultimate escape and stay connected at the same time. Plan your ride itinerary ahead of time in the app and download it for navigation when your adventure takes you away from cell service. By downloading your ride itinerary while you’re within cell coverage or connected to Wi-Fi, you’ll still be able to take advantage of features such as turn-by-turn navigation anywhere you ride.

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