How do I safely ride a snowmobile?

Like most outdoor activities, it’s a learning experience that combines both knowledge and experience. One of the first things all riders should do is to learn the controls and functions of their snowmobile before heading out. This Ski-Doo safety video covers the latest tips on safe snowmobiling, riding techniques, riding etiquette, what to wear, what to bring and troubleshooting.

Another excellent resource is the “Safe Riders! Snowmobile Safety Awareness Program”. Sponsored by Ski-Doo, the Safe Riders! Snowmobile Safety Awareness Program provides basic essentials about snowmobile safety and includes short quizzes to help test your knowledge about safe snowmobiling practices. It is meant to supplement information provided by the state or province in which you register or ride your snowmobile, so be sure to check local rules and requirements before venturing out on the snow.

Each Ski-Doo comes with an operator's guide and snowmobile safety guide that detail the basic knowledge required to safely operate a snowmobile. One must be familiar with not only the machine itself, but also how the machine acts on different surface. As a snowmobile operator, you will encounter hard snow, deeper snow, ice and even dirt or road crossings on occasion. Your machine will act differently on each, and knowledge of how this occurs is very helpful. One of the single most important things to know is your own limitations – do not exceed your own knowledge or ability. With experience you will gain even more knowledge and ability to be a safer rider.

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    What is the learning key?

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