What is the best way to store a Ski-Doo for the summer?

Like any motorized vehicle, a Ski-Doo will perform its best if prepared for storage. Corrosion, exposure to sunlight, and fuel going stale are the main items of concern. Most riders will take some time to clean the machine of dirt and check for service items so the machine is ready to go when you need it next. The engine should be prepared for storage as well. 4-stroke powered sleds should get a fresh oil and filter change to remove contaminants and prevent corrosion. 2-stroke powered sleds have an electronic procedure executed through the control panel that supplies extra oil into the engine for the storage period to coat the engine internals to prevent corrosion. This quick and easy procedure is detailed in your owner’s manual.

Ideally, a sled should be stored indoors in a garage to avoid extremes in temperature or humidity, but they can also be stored outdoors if they are covered to protect them from the elements; sun, wind, and rain – an enclosed trailer works great also. Like any piece of equipment, it is best to protect it from exposure to UV radiation from the sun as this slowly degrades the materials. Lifting the track up off the ground is helpful to maintain the track lug tips, and all lubrication points should get a fresh application of grease to prevent corrosion of the associated shafts and parts.

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Summer Snowmobile Storage Tips

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    Where can I find the Operator's Guide?

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