What is the learning key?

Instead of a physical metal key, Ski-doo snowmobiles are built with an exclusive digital electronic key called the Digitally Encoded Security System (DESS) cord. The snowmobile can not be moved without this digital key plugged into the console. The DESS cord also acts as a tether cord that attaches to your jacket, so if the key is unplugged from the vehicle, the ignition is cut and the engine stops. In this instance, if you were to fall off of the snowmobile the engine would stop immediately!

Ski-Doo 4-stroke models snowmobiles can be controlled with your programmable DESS key to act as an electronic limiter of the vehicle’s power and speed or you can purchase a green colored key that readily identifies it as a learning key, and keep your standard key operating normally. This device (easily identified by its green color) when programmed properly acts as the “key” to start the machine but also limits how fast the sled can go and how much power is available. This feature is especially helpful when novice or less experienced riders are using the machine as they are only allowed to access a pre-determined power and speed level that can be fine-tuned to their skills and experience. It makes a single machine act like different machines, depending on which DESS key is installed and how the key is programmed. This feature is ONLY available on Ski-Doo 4-stroke snowmobiles!

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