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Crossover Snowmobile Essentials

Every ride in the backcountry and every adventure down the trails starts with your sled but getting behind the bars of your Ski-Doo is just the start. Every ride is a new opportunity to discover that Ski-Doo Feeling in different ways. There’s no telling what’s out there waiting for you.

That’s why we’ve asked our riders and used what we’ve learned from decades of experience building the world’s best snowmobiles to compile the most complete list of must-have accessories, riding gear and care products for your sled.


Must-Have Crossover Snowmobile Accessories

LinQ Slim Waterproof Tunnel Bag – When your idea of the perfect ride is not knowing where that ride might take you, you’ve got to be ready for anything. This is the way our riders carry their essentials and keep them dry without adding extra bulk to the back of their sled.

Adjustable Riser – The right handlebar height can mean so much for your comfort on any ride. An adjustable riser means you can find that perfect comfort no matter what style of riding you’re after.

Seat Storage Bag – Sleek and smart storage, this bag adds the perfect amount of extra storage to hold a few extra items to help you maximize the enjoyment in every winter adventure.

Glovebox Extension / Cell Phone Holder – Double the amount of easy-access glovebox storage, plus keeps your phone secure in a heated, touchscreen-compatible pocket and in perfect view so you can use navigation apps and see incoming messages and calls. Also allows you to connect your phone to USB port (sold separately) for charging while riding.

Extreme Skid Plate – Protect your ride from unexpected surprises under the snow. The smooth finish adds flotation when the adventure takes you off the trail.

Adventure Front Bumper – The adventure bumper series not only adds another barrier of protection for your ride, but lets you add a personalized touch and style with great design and additional color choices.

Gear You Shouldn’t Pass Up

Ski-Doo Edge Goggles – Smartly designed for a wider field of vision and the perfect fit inside your helmet, Edge Goggles provide the view you’ve been looking for.

XP-X Trax – The ultimate in lightweight protection. XP-X Trax helmet delivers a new level of protection thanks to M-Forge Composite construction that’s better at absorbing and dispersing impact in cold weather environments by remaining more pliable when other materials turn brittle.

MCode Jacket – Versatility is what crossover riders want in every aspect of the ride. That includes their riding gear as well. The MCode jacket’s 3-in-1 design offers just that with a removeable quilted liner for extra warmth on cold rides. Underarm venting offers you a way to cool down when you’re working hard to find those perfect lines.

Revy One-piece Insulated Suit – The ultimate weapon against snow intrusion. The stylish one-piece Revy riding gear keeps the elements out and keep all the warmth in. Freedom of movement thanks to rider-inspired design.

Essential Sled Care

XPS Lubricants – You only get out of every ride what you put it. When you use XPS lubricants for your sled’s essentials, you’re treating your sled to the very best. Guess what you can expect from your sled in return?

XPS All-purpose cleaner and degreaser – Looking good always makes you feel good. And when your sled looks good, you look even better.

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