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Deep Snow snowmobile essentials

Every deep-snow ride in the mountains starts with your sled but getting behind the bars of your Ski-Doo Summit or Freeride is just the start. Every ride is a new chapter in your season finding that Ski-Doo Feeling. There’s no telling what’s out there waiting for you.

That’s why we’ve asked our riders and used what we’ve learned from decades of experience building the world’s best snowmobiles to compile the most complete list of must-have accessories, riding gear and care products for your sled.


Must-Have Deep Snow Accessories

Adventure Front and Rear Bumpers – Extra protection is a must for riding the deep pow. You never know when those stumps, rocks and other hidden obstacles may be lurking. The adventure bumper series not only adds another barrier of protection for your ride, but lets you add a personalized touch and style with great design and additional color choices.

Seat Storage Box – A little extra room can go a long ways when packing essentials for the day. And weather tight storage that won’t get in your way while you ride is the perfect way to carry those few extras that “would have been nice to have.”

LinQ Fuel Caddy – Enjoy every ride to the last drop! Available in 1-gallon or 4-gallon capacity. LinQ Fuel caddies let you bring extra fuel along for the ride, so you’ll always have enough for a few extra pow carves before heading back to the truck.

LinQ Deep Snow Pro Bag – Our most waterproof storage solution yet. 30 L of lightweight cargo carrying capacity with easy LinQ attachment. Mounts to your tunnel or on top of the LinQ Stackable Fuel Caddy.

LinQ Lightweight Snowflap Extension – Keeping it cool on icy, hard-pack trail conditions is no problem. Built for the short tunnel design on sleds like the Ski-Doo Summit X with Expert Package, this removeable snowflap extension quickly and easily attaches when conditions call for a little extra cooling, and stores on your tunnel or on the LinQ Slim Waterproof Tunnel Bag when not in use.

Full Body Skid Plate – Keep the surprises to a minimum. One-piece 4mm thick polypropylene protects the essentials. Smooth surface aids flotation in deep snow. Multiple color options add a personalized touch to your sled.

Gear You Shouldn’t Pass Up

Helium Jacket and Highpants – The go-to riding gear for the Ski-Doo Backcountry team, Helium riding gear is the only gear that actively wicks more moisture away from your body the harder you ride thanks to advanced Sympatex Technology construction. Intuitive design and highly durable to give you the best comfort in the most demanding conditions.

Ski-Doo Edge Goggles – Smartly designed for a wider field of vision and the perfect fit inside your helmet, Edge Goggles provide the view you’ve been looking for.

XP-X Trax – The ultimate in lightweight protection. XP-X Trax helmet delivers a new level of protection thanks to MForge construction that’s better at absorbing and dispersing impact in cold weather environments by remaining more pliable when other materials turn brittle.

Packable Jacket – The ultimate go-to layer for added warmth. This insulated layer packs tight and compact in a small bag and takes up minimal space in your backpack or sled storage. It adds premium warmth when needed and looks great when worn as a casual jacket as well.

Essential Ride Care

XPS Lubricants – You only get out of every ride what you put it. When you use XPS lubricants for your sled’s essentials, you’re treating your sled to the very best. Guess what you can expect from your sled in return?

XPS All-purpose cleaner and degreaser – Looking good always makes you feel good. And when your sled looks good, you look even better.

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