As snowmobilers, we love the freedom our sleds bring us. It’s addictive. And it’s why we continue to add ways to find more of it in every ride. Let us introduce you to E LinQ – the innovative solution that connects your heated gear and accessories to your snowmobile without adding more corded connections.

E LinQ Advantage

The beauty of E LinQ is the additional freedom and piece of mind it brings every time you hit the trail. Cold weather riders often use helmets with heated shields for visibility or other heated accessories to stay more comfortable. This requires an additional wired electrical connection to the sled. E LinQ eliminates the need for an extra cord by combining it with the DESS tether on your sled.

As a rider, not only is it one less thing to manage, it’s also one less connection to worry about. We’re always quickly reminded with a sudden tug on the helmet when we forget to disconnect that accessory cord. Worse yet, the cords that often accompany those heated accessories tend to break easily if you step on them or forget to disconnect them. E LinQ solves all that through its magnetic electric connection to the sled.

How It Works

E LinQ combines your DESS tether into both a tether and a 12-volt accessory connection in one cord. A magnetic connector mounts to the sled next to the DESS post to provide the electric connection necessary to power any 12v accessory like heated shields, gloves, boots, and more.

When you connect the DESS tether, the strong magnetic E LinQ connection instinctively connects to its magnetic location giving you instant power that maintains 100% connection. If you forget it’s connected and walk away from the sled, it simply disconnects without any fear of damage to the connection or cord. When it’s not in use, it conveniently attaches to a socket at the D-ring on your jacket, so you don’t have to worry about stepping on it or snagging it anywhere.

And any innovation that gives us riders more freedom to move and one less thing to worry about is something we’ll take every time we hit the trails.

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