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Favorite snowmobile riding locations

The favorite riding locations of Ski-Doo Backcountry Experts are some of the sport’s best kept secrets. If you meet them at a show and ask where they like to ride, you’ll get the standard, “Wherever it dumped yesterday,” answer.

If you happen to find yourself along for a ride with them, you can be assured measured efforts will be made to disorient you just enough, so you can’t find your way back to their cherished honey holes with a dozen of your closest riding buddies the next day. After all, those secret riding spots aren’t very secret if everyone knows about them!

Without getting too specific, here are six riding destinations that are guaranteed to come up in any conversation about the best places to ride with any Ski-Doo Backcountry Expert. Each one worthy of its own place on any snowmobile bucket list!

1. Sicamous and Revelstoke, British Columbia
World class powder riding at some relatively lower elevations than many deep snow mountain riding locations means more oxygen for sled engines and people! A must-do for the quality of snow and the scenery. Plus, it’s home to Carl Kuster Mountain Park!

2. Squamish and Pemberton, British Columbia
Head farther west in the province of British Columbia and you’ll find the Pemberton Ice Fields with scenic views of the Coastal Mountains, acres upon acres of untracked snow, and riding suitable for any experience level.

“Personally, I would not trade my backyard of the Sea 2 Sky Corridor in B.C. for anywhere else in the world… pretty much anywhere in B.C. Yea, we got it good!” – Dave Norona

3. West Yellowstone, Montana
Between the hospitality of the local people and the town, there’s no more welcoming place for snowmobilers. Every type of riding is available from trails to treelined sidehills. Snow usually arrives early and stays late for a long riding season.

4. Grand Lake, Colorado
Situated at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park in northern Colorado, Grand Lake is another area that offers a wide variety of riding with a well-maintained trail system, and plenty of opportunities for powder play in designated areas.

“The best powder I've ever experienced is in Colorado. Its dry, fluffy and there is nothing quite like it.” – Jeremy Mercier

5. Island Park, Idaho
This location earns high praise from Ski-Doo Backcountry Experts because of its diverse, technical terrain. Powder-filled gullies and epic tree riding are common themes of most days in the Island Park snow!

6. Alpine, Jackson, or Togwotee, Wyoming
Three for the price of one here! Check any snowmobile media, and you’ll likely find one or all three of these locations mentioned as top mountain riding destinations. All within two hours of each other, these three places offer some of the best snow conditions you’ll find anywhere.

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