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M-Forge new era of protection

Ski-Doo M-FORGE Composite Snowmobile Helmets

The world of snowmobile helmets changes rapidly, almost as fast as the snowmobiles and riders they’re built for. In the past year alone, Ski-Doo has introduced two new Rotax snowmobile engines (600R E-TEC and 900 ACE Turbo), and also announced two new snowmobile helmets. The later incorporating new M-FORGE Composite technology, improved user comfort and functionality never seen in the snowmobile world with the OXYGEN and XP-X snowmobile helmets.


New Snowmobile Helmet Technology, Better Protection

A better snowmobile helmet needs to offer better protection, plain and simple. Rider comfort is also part of a better helmet. Striking the perfect balance of lightweight comfort and protection is why Ski-Doo product development teams search around the globe for new materials and construction methods. It’s that endless pursuit of excellence and creating the best possible customer experience that led them to M-FORGE Composite Technology to engineer the next generation of Ski-Doo snowmobile helmets.

What establishes Ski-Doo’s latest M-FORGE Composite snowmobile helmets as the next generation of rider safety? By using a new type of polymeric material woven in a matrix and bonded together through a heat and pressure process (rather than solid pieces of material pressed together), M-Forge Composite helmets offer improved impact protection, especially in cold weather. Its unique attributes allow these snowmobile helmets to behave with greater ductility, resilience and tenacity than competitive products, carbon fiber included, and therefore better disperse the force of an impact and resist penetration. The more efficiently your helmet can disperse outside forces, the better off you’ll be should an incident occur.


Helmet Weight Matters

When it comes to rider comfort, few things have as big an affect as helmet weight. M-FORGE Composite material is up to 40% lighter than other traditional helmet shell materials. Of course, the end product weight varies greatly by style, geometry, and safety standards the product needs to achieve, but all things being equal, M-FORGE Composite is even up to 20% lighter than carbon fiber. And yes, it’s still capable of meeting the most stringent international safety standards like DOT and ECE certifications.

Affordable Snowmobile Helmet, Eco-Friendly Production

While it’s said you can’t put a price on protecting yourself, the reality is a snowmobile helmet needs to remain affordable for the consumer. That not only means competitive pricing, but also the durability to hold up in a harsh environment for a long time. M-FORGE Composite construction allows Ski-Doo snowmobile helmets to go beyond basic affordability and bring consumers long-lasting protection. It’s all thanks to M-FORGE Composite’s improved protection from smaller repeated impacts. While we always recommend replacing your helmet after an incident, the resilient nature of the material has been proven to maintain its protective integrity after minor repeat impacts better than other competitive materials. You can rest easy knowing the accidental drops and dings of everyday life won’t quickly degrade the helmet’s protective qualities.

M-FORGE Composite helmets are also 100% recyclable and produced using a clean manufacturing process free of volatile organic compounds (VOC-Free). This ensures a minimal environmental impact throughout the helmet’s entire lifecycle compared to other helmet materials commonly used in the market.

Any snowmobile helmet offering improved rider protection is going to be considered a better helmet. When you can do so with a reduced weight, improved comfort, easy-to-use features in an environmentally friendly way at an affordable price – well, then you’ve created a better ride!

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