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Snowmobile wrap install tips from SCS wraps

Your sled is an extension of your personality. That’s why Ski-Doo teamed up with SCS Unlimited to offer you unlimited creativity when it comes to personalizing your ride with a wrap. For a first-timer, wraps can look complex and intimidating to install. Now, some people are just gifted with a steady hand and a sharp eye. Some of us probably shouldn’t be left alone with a butter knife! Regardless of your experience installing a sled wrap, or where your dexterity registers, we’ve got tips from the fine folks over at SCS Unlimited to help make installation of your new snowmobile wrap easy.

1. Upon receiving your sled wrap, remove from shipping tube and lay flat in a clean, room temperature location allowing the graphics to return to their original flat position. Familiarize yourself with the provided install key for your respective Ski-Doo chassis type.

2. Equip yourself with the proper tools. We recommend Rapid Tac application products, heat gun, squeegee, and X-Acto knife. Install kits sold can be found at

3. Remove intake screens on the headlight pod to avoid melting screen.

4. Remove stock decals with heat gun. Take special care not to overheat, which could cause damage to the sled’s plastic. Pay attention to the angle you are pulling them off, for example pulling outward and down typically leaves less glue behind. Remove any excess glue with Rapid Remover, and clean snowmobile thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol.

5. SCS Unlimited installers utilize both wet and dry application methods. For areas including the tunnel and the large smooth plastic on the hood SCS recommends a wet application method. For the textured plastic including side panels, we prefer to use a dry application method. More info on each specific method can be found on the SCS Unlimited website.

6. It’s recommended to begin the installation with smaller pieces such as the headlight pod to familiarize yourself with the material.

7. When installing the side panel, start by installing the large center piece first. Work your way out from there.

8. Once you complete your install, make sure you post heat your wrap. Especially in low energy plastic areas such as the tank and seat.

SCS Unlimited wraps are built to bring your sled to life. Take your time. By utilizing the great tips from the graphics experts at SCS, we think you’ll enjoy the process of making your sled one of a kind! 

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