Protect. Access. Sustain. Support.

BRP’s heritage in supporting snowmobiling dates back to the first groomed trail systems with the original SnoPlan. The Snow PASS Program continues in that spirit by supporting the grassroots organizations that make it all happen.

Your Organization

Who can participate in Snow PASS?

Funds are available for national, provincial, state and local organizations throughout North America. Any organization submitting an application must be a non-profit or government organization.

Your Project

Building a Stronger Snowmobile Community

Eligible projects may include

  • Protecting or increasing access to playgrounds
  • Making snowmobiling more accessible
  • Helping clubs reinvent themselves
  • Trail development
  • Safety Initiatives

Matching Funds

Grants Up to $5,000 USD Available to Help Your Cause

Ski-Doo and it's dealer network will provide a matched grant of up to $5,000 USD to fund a variety of projects. There must be matching funds of at least the same amount as requested from other sources.

The Time is Now

Submit your project for consideration this season

In order for your project to be approved for the 2022-23 snowmobile season, your submission be must received by September 15, 2022. Early applications could exhaust funding, so consider applying soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

A variety of factors are taken into account when selecting which projects receive funding, including type of project, scale, location, number of people impacted and more.

If a grant is approved, 80% of the funds will be sent in advance. The remaining 20% will be sent when the organization sends in a wrap up report that includes any photos, video, documents or publicity obtained while executing the project.

The organization needs to promote their project within the appropriate community to raise awareness (social media, local news outlets, email lists, etc.)

Yes! If you'd like to submit trail maps for addition to the BRP GO! App for mapping and GPS purposes, please send an email to Note, this is not required to participate in the Snow PASS grant program.

Half a Million… and counting

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to all the clubs, organizations and volunteers who selflessly share their time and resources to make snowmobiling better for all of us. Congratulations to all those selected to receive a Snow PASS grant for the 2022 season.

Together with our amazing dealer network, we were able to fund over $580,000 in projects for more than 100 groups across North America – from Nova Scotia to Alaska.

“You just can't imagine what a shot in the arm this is for us.”
- Michelle LaRose, Treasurer of the Curry Ridge Riders snowmobile club in Alaska.

“Alaska Safe Riders is very excited to get the Ski-Doo Snow P.A.S.S. grant. It will go a long way in making Alaska a safer place to ride”
- Mike Buck, Director of Alaska Safe Riders, said.

“This support will be used to keep our trail system safe, provide the best site of vision for all riders, and safety for our Groomer operators”
- Tina Cock-Crawford, President of Dalhousie Mountain Snowmobile Club in Nova Scotia.

Snow PASS Application

Submit your project for consideration.