Fun for all

Ready, set, play

Introducing the 2023 lineup

Get ready to experience That Ski-Doo Feeling with the 2023 lineup of fun-loving sleds for all the riders in your family. The REV Gen5 platform and night vision LEDs take things to a whole ’nother level.

30% Off Apparel

Our 2023 apparel collection is at 30% off until March 31, 2023

Try a new look

Freshen up your winter wardrobe. Add to your riding collection at 30% off in-store and online with free shipping on orders over $150. Snag the latest styles to open 2023 looking your best.

International Snowmobile Ride Day

You’re invited to join a first-ever worldwide event

Snowmobilers are a community united by passion. For one day, everyone in the world rides together. Grab your crew, plan your ride or invite someone new. On February 11, all you have to do is ride!

Responsible Rider Program

International Snowmobile Safety and Awareness Week

January 14-22 marks a week dedicated to snowmobile safety and education. Access all the info you need to be a responsible rider year round, right here with the latest tips from our pros on how you can make every ride better.

Get Started

Pro tips to help you start your Ski-Doo journey

Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned rider, we're here to make sure you enjoy every second of the ride. Find the best tips and tricks from our crew to help you on every step of your Ski-Doo journey.

That Ski‑doo Feeling

Discover it. Share it. Repeat.

It's Never the Same

From mile to mile, ride to ride, person to person, it transforms what freedom means. It will fill your helmet with laughter and take your breath away all at the same time. We call it That Ski-Doo Feeling.