Do you need a license to ride a snowmobile?

Generally, if you are of legal driving age you do not require an additional license to ride a snowmobile, but many areas do require you to complete a snowmobile safety course which is highly recommended. These basic courses teach many skills and tips that make you a safer rider and give you greater knowledge to better enjoy the experience. All riders should learn and use the appropriate hand signals for snowmobiles. Each state and province has specific requirements as to the legal requirements, be sure to check with your local Ski-Doo dealer, club, or state/provincial organization if in doubt as to what the rules are in your specific area.

If riding in western deep snow conditions with steeper slopes and higher elevations, it is highly recommended to complete basic avalanche training. This training will help you understand the hazards of slides and avalanches, recognize such terrain, and learn when conditions require heightened awareness. Ski-Doo offers free avalanche education classes. Click here to access several videos on avalanche safety training to further your knowledge.

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