Get sled-ready

For the winter worshipper, sled season starts well before the first snowfall. To hit the ground running, the right prep is key. Watch as our pros show you how to get your sled, body and gear ride-ready.

Fit to ride

Snowmobiling takes muscle. So to help get your body ready for the ride, Paralympic snowboarder Michelle Salt takes you through a simple workout to help prepare you for the rigors of the ride.


As a photographer and filmmaker, Aaron Leyland shows some of the techniques and gear he uses to obtain pro-quality shots of both sleds and mother nature.


Our very own gearhead Carl Kuster brought his Ski-Doo into the shop for a pre-snow tune-up. Watch as he shares great prep tips to help you get the best out of your sled and max out your riding season.

Planning a trip

Craig McMorris loves nothing more than packing the sleds in the truck and going on a trip. But doing the right planning, and being in the right company, can make or break the experience. Watch and learn!

Gear prep: Check

Take gear prep off your list with our latest apparel and accessories that bring #ThatSkiDooFeeling to a whole-new level.