The most innovative starter

E-Tec SHOT starter

It's like something out of science fiction – you just push a button to start your sled, yet the system weighs next to nothing.


SHOT starting is only possible with advanced Rotax E-TEC technology. After a first pull-start, the engine charges a lightweight ultracapacitor. For later starts, that stored energy turns the magento into an electric motor; it turns the crank and E-TEC does the rest.

Give it a shot

Push the button. With the ultra-capacitor charged, your SHOT-equipped Ski-Doo will function as if it has push-button electric start. That means less energy wasted on pull starting, and more energy for riding.

Pull the rope

Each morning, pull start your snowmobile as you normally would.

Charge it up

As you ride, the engine's magneto charges a lightweight ultra-capacitor with enough juice to start your snowmobile.


[...] at only 2-pound weight gain it's a no-brainer. You need this option on your snowmobile. [...]  


As arguably the most-innovative company in the snowmobile industry, it's no surprise that Ski-Doo would come up with a nifty feature that might prove to be the next big thing. [...]


SHOT is the coolest technology to hit the snowmobile industry since Ski-Doo released electronic reverse back in 1998.

Available on these models

Busting conventional starter

The SHOT starting system is so advanced, we enlisted two science and tech gurus to introduce it – Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of the "Mythbusters" TV show. Watch as they have fun showing the basics of this revolutionary technology! 

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