Upgrade and Resale

Want to level up to a new sled or sell your existing one? Here’s where it happens.

Looking to trade in or sell your current ride?

We know you love your sled, and with Ski-Doo, what’s not to love? But did you know we can help facilitate an upgrade to a new Ski-Doo or help you sell your existing one? It’s easy!

It’s worth it!

Discover the trade-in value of your Ski-Doo!

Ready to transform your days on snow and take That Ski-Doo Feeling to the next level? Find the value of your current ride in just a few clicks to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Ski-Doo parts and accessories can easily be done directly from your authorized dealer or via our online store. Please refer to the Parts & Maintenance section on our website to browse the Parts catalog and the Accessories and Riding Gear sections for all unit accessories and Ski-Doo apparel.

Please contact the dealership you purchased the part or accessory from, they’ll gladly assist you! If you purchased a part or accessory from our online store, you can contact our fulfillment partner KIBO at 877-412-7467.

If you have any concerns about a part or backordered part, please contact your dealership's Parts department directly. If needed, they can always contact BRP's Parts department for further assistance.

Please find general information on available promotions and incentives in your area on the Ski-Doo website. Otherwise, your authorized Ski-Doo dealer will happily answer any questions you may have about availability and eligibility requirements.

Feel free to contact your selling dealer, they should be able to verify all promotions and discuss specifics with you. If you still require assistance, you can always contact Ski-Doo Customer Service and we’ll be more than glad to help!

You can always speak with your dealership about the new promotion. They can verify eligibility and contact Ski-Doo directly to inquire further.

Since BRP cannot support import/export, we strongly recommend you purchase in the country of intended use. Safety and environmental requirements are different from region to region, and warranty is only valid in the country of purchase. So, if you intend to import/export a BRP product, please contact a customs broker for required documentation and instructions.

You can find a helmet replacement part chart in the Riding Gear section on our website or you can always order replacement parts from your authorized BRP dealership. You can also check out the Operator's Guide here, under Ski-Doo Accessories for more information and part numbers.

Yes, if you order parts/accessories from our online store, they will be shipped directly to you. However, BRP cannot drop ship to riders, so if you're ordering parts for repair through your dealership, you'll need to discuss available options with your dealer. They'll be happy to help!

You can always check out the Accessories section on our website, it details the accessories and which model they're compatible with. And, you can always contact your authorized dealership if you have any questions regarding compatibility, they'll be happy to help.

Feel free to get in touch with your authorized BRP dealership, they'll be happy to help as they know of sources for vintage/obsolete parts that BRP no longer carries.

Please get in touch with your dealership – they'll be the first to know when your new Ski-Doo will be delivered. Once they receive it, they'll be able to set up a time for you to come pick it up!

Need more Help?

Still have questions? Our team of Customer Care Experts is at the ready to assist!