2024 Ski‑Doo Lineup

Designed with Desire. Built with Passion. Fuel the Adventure.

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Explore more. Go bigger. Ride further. Push higher. No matter where the ride takes you, 2024 Ski-Doo Snowmobiles fuel the adventure.


Accessories and apparel to get you ready for snowmobile season before a single snowflake touches the ground

Snowmobile offseason is the time to add accessories and apparel to your arsenal to prep for the coming winter — and it’s never too early. Browse our store with free shipping on orders of $100+.

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Tell us a little about your riding style, terrain you enjoy and how you plan to ride. We'll help you pick out the perfect sled just for you!

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Pro tips to help you start your Ski-Doo journey

Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned rider, we're here to make sure you enjoy every second of the ride. Dig into our manuals, maintenance tips, safety videos and more.

Gifts for Dad

The best way to say Happy Father's Day: Apparel & Accessories

Spread winter joy this summer. Consult our Father's Day Gift Guide to find Ski-Doo apparel and accessories for sled-loving dads. Plus, a gift for you: free shipping on orders of $100 or more

That Ski‑Doo Feeling

Discover it. Share it. Repeat.

From mile to mile, ride to ride, person to person, it transforms what freedom means. It will fill your helmet with laughter and take your breath away all at the same time. We call it That Ski-Doo Feeling.