Ski-Doo Feeling

Discover it. Share it. Repeat.

It's Never the Same

From mile to mile, ride to ride, person to person, it transforms what freedom means. It will fill your helmet with laughter and take your breath away all at the same time. We call it That Ski-Doo Feeling.

Winter is Truly Limitless

2022 lineup

Dream Your Escape

2022 Ski-Doo snowmobiles push the boundaries of possibility and innovation further than ever before. Every feature is inspired by riders like you who reimagine the ride in ways that redefine the winter escape.

Proven & Reliable

The Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo Engine

Boasting 165 HP up to 8,000 ft, the sheer power of this hassle-free turbo engine gets even sweeter knowing it comes with pure reliability, ease-of-use and a factory warranty.

Can't Decide?

We're here to help

Tell us a little about your riding style, terrain you enjoy and how you plan to ride. We'll help you pick out the perfect sled just for you!

Build and Ride

Customize your sled

That Ski-Doo Feeling doesn't come from a one-size-fits-all mold. Neither should your sled. Build your perfect ride to match your definition of the perfect winter.

Ski-Doo Promotions

The perfect ride at the perfect price

That Ski-Doo Feeling is closer than you think. Browse current offers in your area to find a sled that fits your need for adventure and your budget just right.

Ride Essentials

Accessories and Riding Gear inspired by you

Designed with Passion

That perfect day you've always dreamed of goes far beyond the ride. It’s why Ski-Doo accessories and riding gear are ingeniously designed to enhance every aspect of whatever That Ski-Doo Feeling means to you.