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Trail snowmobile essentials

Every adventure down the trails starts with your sled but getting behind the bars of your Ski-Doo is just the start. Every ride is a new opportunity to discover that Ski-Doo Feeling in different ways. There’s no telling what’s out there waiting for you.

That’s why we’ve asked our riders and used what we’ve learned from decades of experience building the world’s best snowmobiles to compile the most complete list of must-have accessories, riding gear and care products for your sled.


Must-Have Crossover Snowmobile Accessories

Adjustable Windshield (Low to Medium) – Changing conditions are part of the game. Ski-Doo exclusive adjustable windshields add customizable comfort to keep you protected and warm on any ride. 2.5 inches of windshield height adjustment at the flip of a lever.

Full Body Skid Plate – An easy way to add a little extra protection and a splash of personalization to your ride. Pre-marked installation points on chassis make this a quick upgrade to any trail ride.

LinQ Trail Seat Bag – Adds 11 L of convenient storage in a snap. Perfect for those small items that always seem to get lost in larger storage spaces.

Auxiliary LED Light – Expand your view at night. Auxiliary LED Light offers a wider field of light and doesn’t cut out when switching from low to high beam so you get a constant, crystal clear field of light for a safer, more enjoyable ride.

LinQ Stackable Fuel Caddy – We’re always after a little be more of That Ski-Doo Feeling. Don’t let an empty gas tank stop you! Carry an additional 3.8 gallons of fuel and still have room for additional LinQ storage accessories that can be stacked on top.

LinQ SR 21 Tunnel Bag – The perfect size to easily add more storage for those extra layers, gloves, goggles and other essentials. 21 L of added space. Convenient to carry to and from your home base for those weekend adventures.

Adventure Rear Bumper – The adventure bumper series not only adds another barrier of protection for your ride, but lets you add a personalized touch and style with great design and additional color choices.

Gear You Shouldn’t Pass Up

OXYGEN Helmet – The world’s most advanced snowmobile helmet offers features focused on comfort and safety never seen in the industry before. Adjustable heated chamber lets you dial in your ideal comfort – even in the coldest conditions. A heated visor garage keeps the sun visor fog free so you can enjoy a crystal-clear view from the industry’s largest field of vision. Always-on LED light at the back for added safety, and lightweight world-class protection of MForge technology.

X-Team Jacket/Highpants – The industry standard for high performance comfort and protection. Windproof, waterproof and breathable, no detail has been overlooked in the X-Team riding gear to deliver maximum comfort and warmth. Removeable heat retaining sealing collar, double front zipper flap, offset zipper and more provide unmatched comfort for the most demanding days on the trail.

Absolute 0 Jacket/Highpants – When winter is at its absolute worst, our riders need the warmest gear they can find. Absolute 0 riding gear offers the highest level of insulation, so you’re prepared to do battle with the elements even in the harshest conditions.

Merino Base Layer – True riding comfort starts with the layers closest to your body. Ski-Doo Merino Base Layers efficiently wick away moisture eliminating one of the major causes of discomfort on any ride. From there, its various levels of insulating properties make sure you start and finish every ride in total comfort.

Essential Sled Care

XPS Lubricants – You only get out of every ride what you put it. When you use XPS lubricants for your sled’s essentials, you’re treating your sled to the very best. Guess what you can expect from your sled in return? Whether you’re riding the industry-leading Rotax 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine, XPS provides the ultimate level of protection and performance you expect from the world’s leading manufacturer.

XPS All-purpose cleaner and degreaser – Looking good always makes you feel good. And when your sled looks good, you look even better.

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