Trail Sleds

The standard in performance and control

A ride like no other

Long known as setting the standard on the trail, Ski-Doo trail snowmobiles lead the industry in comfort, style and power for 1- and 2-up riding. From pure performance to relaxing sunset cruises, these rides deliver.

It's Back


The Legend Returns

The echoes of the engine never left our ears. The vivid images of pure trail dominance still crystal clear in our minds. The past won't have to fuel those memories any longer. MACH Z is back!


For corners yet to be mastered

Unmatched Performance

MXZ snowmobiles bring precise handling to the next level. With unmatched features like the rMotion rear suspension and powerful Rotax E-TEC engines, this is the definition of snowmobile trail performance.

Grand Touring

The best adventures come with good company

The Ultimate 2-up Ride

The best experiences are shared. Grand Touring snowmobiles provide incredible comfort and precise control with features to turn any snowmobile trail into an adventure built for two.

Master the Trail

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