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Ishoel completes the championship hat trick and Andersen wins her first Womens Pro title

Huge congratulations go out to Ski-Doo X-Team racers Elias Ishoel (BOSS Racing) and Malene Andersen (Belair Racing) for winning the season snocross championships in Pro and Pro Women classes. The wins mark Ishoel’s third straight title and Andersen’s first in racing against what is a truly international field of the best snocross racers.

The journey to their championships were very different as Ishoel was dominant on many race weekends and demonstrated an ability to push his way to the front against a large field of extremely competitive racers - including Francis Pelletier (Warnert Racing) who finished second in the championship race. Andersen on the other hand was constantly locked in a one-on-one battle with defending champion Megan Brodeur (Anderson Racing) trading wins throughout the season, with the championship decided in the final race.

Class championships were also won by some of the brightest stars that fans want to watch for in the coming years. Kellen Chapuran was simply incredible each time on the course, and captured the Sport-Lite Championship.

Domenic Hegman would showcase his talents in his rookie year running the full series winning Junior 16-17 and Junior 14-15 Championships.

Jimmy Stanisich capped of his impressive year with the Transition 8-10 Championship.

Competitive battles were won and lost on the race track and we want to thank all of our Ski-Doo racers and families for their efforts, dedication and commitment proving the Ski-Doo platform is familiar with winning.

We applaud these racers who finished in the top 5 in their class respectively, proving also that the future is bright and their determination to reach the top step next season starts now.

Francis Pelletier – Pro, 2nd
Hunter Patenaude – Pro, 4th
Korbyn Anderson – Pro-Light, 4th
Megan Brodeur – Pro Women, 2nd
Alexander Dahl – Pro-Am +30, 4th
Kurt Bauerly – Pro-Am +30, 5th
Adam Ashline – Sport, 2nd
Emeric Legendre – Sport, 4th
Hayden Meyer – Sport-Lite, 3rd
Nathan Lavalley – Sport-Lite, 4th
Steven Max – Sport-Lite, 5th / Junior 16-17, 2nd / Junior 14-15, 3rd
Tanner Zeirdan – Junior 16-17, 3rd
Josh Connolly - Junior 16-17, 5th / Junior 14-15, 5th
Kenny Goike – Junior 10-13, 2nd / Transition 9-13, 2nd
Brody Srsen – Junior 10-13, 5th
Trenton Hilmerson – Transition 9-13, 4th
Lincoln Meyer – Transition 8-10, 4th
Ava Kruschke – Junior Girls 9-13, 4th